Idastrasse 46, 8003 Zurich.    Opening hours   during exhibitions/performances/talks/concerts are interchangeable. Detailed schedule under EVENTS    info@kulturfolger.ch

Idastrasse 46, 8003 Zurich.

Opening hours during exhibitions/performances/talks/concerts are interchangeable. Detailed schedule under EVENTS



Kulturfolger says yes! plays with references, appropriation, text, images, classification, entities, myths... An entangled blend of  ideas and a collage of  time which resists and reworks  linear conceptions of history, evolution, and ecology. Kulturfolger is a work in progress, an advocate for uncomfortability, uncertainty, ambivalence, abundance, and acceptance. A field between, ethic and poetic interpretation is occupied, as we embrace the undefined and deviate from the pursuit of truth or possibility of doubt.

Kulturfolger asks - What is curation in the age of limitless information, multiplicity of identities, voices and opinions?  How to explore, explode conditioned expectations through discernment and selection, yet still hold space for a multitude of truths, beings and processes? Apprehending the infinite variety of being through a spectrum, parallelism, through heterogeneous detonations. The world – simultaneously natural, artificial, designed, wild, engineered, rough and sweet contends with our personal parameters shift shaping to our many natures and points of attention. This is all a natural environment in which we love the ARTificial.



Petra Tomljanovic

Graphic Design: Renata Miron Granados


RESIDENTS 2019: rotative research, Edition IV

During the entire year 2019, rotative research is in residency at Kulturfolger Gallery Zürich. THEY use this year to perform, study and implement the research on site: outside in the public space and inside the space of Kulturfolger. Every six weeks THEY present the development of THEIR research on ‘Fragments on site 1:1, materialisation of architectural intentions' as an accumulative exhibition. A parallel series of public round table sessions opens new perspectives in response to THEIR research questions. THEY have invited six special guests working in different fields of the performative arts for a tête-à-tête dialogue.


Lisa Lee Benjamin, founder

Francesca Brusa

Marea Hildebrand

Marcel Schock

Bernhard Stoller

Daniel Wernli


Let's imagine what is all necessary to have a diverse, differentiated, experimental and a persistent art/philosophy/science/music... program in a space in the center of Zurich. To make it beautifully enchanting, relevant and valuable  is somewhat unstable and expensive (in terms of energy required to sustain it). But, this same instability, it turns out, is the precondition of creativity. Because of its cost - in terms both of the energy required to produce and sustain it - instability and invention are rare.

Since 2016, Kulturfolger has curated /co-curated over 80 exhibitions, screenings and live events.  We are not supported by any agency or corporation.  We hope to maintain independence and strive to organize our program without any other commercial interests at stake. Therefore, we need your contribution for our program planning.  

With a yearly fee of CHF 50.- you become a member of Kulturfolger and support our program:

IBAN: CH72 8148 7000 0439 2118 4


Raiffeisenbank Zürich


Kulturfolger space can be rented for various events (no art exhibitions and art projects) outside the running exhibition program.


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